Contemporary Indian English Fiction has seen many developments in terms of the subject matter. Popularised by novelists like Chetan Bhagat and then Ravinder Singh and others, the most popular thing in today’s book market is undoubtedly romance – the romance of various kinds. However, there are the novelists who try to offer other perspectives of life in their novels as well. One such, I remember, is the early-year launch, Greed Lust Addiction, by Ravi Dabral. In this novel, he has tried to present a narrative and a counter-narrative, together. He tries to show to his readers what could possibly be and not be good for human society. His novel has been praised by many top book review websites in India.

Greed Lust Addiction sets itself apart from the luxurious rush of romantic novels solely based on casual romantic affairs and break-ups. Ravi Dabral, the recent winner of Dev Bhoomi Award, writes about complexities in life and the ways to make them clear and simpler. The beauty of his writing is that he can deliver the message while keeping his readers totally engaged with the content. So, he entertains as well as passes his messages to the readers at the same time. His debut novel is a very engaging crime thriller novel that transforms itself into a public welfare document towards the conclusion. And this transformation has been given ample space so that it doesn’t baffle the readers.

I have taken this example because I want to talk about balance in fiction writing. You, as an author, cannot be a rigid person and you have to be flexible to let the different aspects find their appropriate place in your writing. Monotonous writing does not create that desired impact upon and amidst the readers. So, a reader wants many things in the novels; and so, a writer has to make it possible.

Ravi Dabral, regarded as one of the best crime thriller novelists in India right now, has made it possible in his very debut work and that’s why his novel has done better among the readers nationally and internationally. Originally from Uttarakhand, hailed as Devbhoomi, Ravi Dabral has been living in Singapore for many years now. Still, his novel shows more Indian concerns than the novels written by Indian authors who dwell in India. Well, this is the question of one’s choice and preferences and priorities as a writer. And because he was raised in the contours of Uttarakhand, Ravi Dabral’s novel reflects the setting of his native place in details.

However, when we talk about balance in fiction, there must be more than just thematic and otherwise balance. We, as readers, also want to see a properly used language, proper words in proper orders and also the art of storytelling should be perfect. When all these match the exact proportion we deem as ideal, a good novel happens. Whether Greed Lust Addiction by Mr Dabral has achieved this balance or not is something that you can judge for yourself by getting a copy and read it yourself. All the best!

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Article by Deepak for BooksToRead

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