On the internet, there are many book blogs and websites exclusively featuring books. Most of them are either limited to a group of authors or managed by a certain section of readers who write about the books they read. ‘Books to Read,’ on the contrary, is a first of its kind website dedicated to books which place the reviews submitted by the readers from different places. We allow the readers to send their reviews to us by email and we post them online with their names. Thus, we can say that we post honest opinions about any book from the readers directly!

Our members also read too much and they are often posting book reviews of the latest books as well as the evergreen classics which can never be out of the reading habit… Books to Read in an attempt by its founders to connect the readers in different parts of the globe through a platform which enables them to secure a space for their say about the titles they have read.

Books to Read is not limited in any sense whatsoever. We have space for reviewing the fiction – novels, poetry, plays across the genres – thriller, fancy, allegory, crime, romance and so on and so forth… We are also not turning our backs to the non-fiction genre and we review the works which are otherwise dried of emotions and poison. We review essays, critical works, scholarly works and even academic works at times. Our occupation is with books and books irrespective of the genre!

We invite book reviews from the readers and they can submit to us at contact@bookstoread.in Our team will do a formal examination of the review and post it online as well as notify the contributor of its status. Let’s come together and make Books to Read a platform for the readers to express their opinions about what they read…