Hello, dear readers of this book reviews blog and one of the emerging literary platforms, BooksToRead! Today, I am going to write about the importance of book reviews for emerging as well as established authors. How to use the reviews, how to get book reviews and how to plan book reviews will also be discussed in this article. However, at the outset itself, let me assure you that book reviews on well-known, established and quality literary platforms do matter very much and you should do your best, as an author, to get those reviews done. So, here we go!


Book Reviews, if done by professionals, are the best way to announce your book to the readers at large. Suppose an author writes a novel and he puts it for sale on Amazon. Who will come to buy the book? Yes, you guessed it right. No one! And I mean it literally – no one will come to buy the novel put for sale by an emerging or a debut novelist because there are too many options available in the market and no one trusts the newcomer because who knows what this guy writes? So, how to overcome this thing? How to perform better even with a newcomer or a debutant tag? How to get book reviews done by top book bloggers in India?

Assume a scenario. A book blogger with 2000 followers on his blog announces that a certain newcomer has written this novel with that title and the book is suitable for this certain age-group. What will happen? Out of his 2000 certain followers, the ones who fall in the category that is matching the description and target audience of the novel being discussed, there will be many readers who will be curious to know about the novel. Moreover, once the article is shared widely on social platforms and spread through other means, there will be many more readers who will be keen to know about the novel and ‘check it out’ because many readers are discussing it and a blogger with a reputation among the readers has talked about the novel on his blog. Do you get the game? Do you get the idea?

Just a review can do all this. Now imagine 10 or 20 reputed book critics or the ones among the top book reviewers in India talking about a novel by a debutant on their book review blogs or other literary platforms. What may happen? An explosion. A chain reaction! An amazing buzz will be there among the readers with a ripple effect that will announce the novel in an emphatic way among the target audience. The novel will become the talk of the book-town for a while and there will be many readers who will be eager to read the novel. What an amazing response?

Now, the question is, can you (as an author) do all this on your own? Or, alternatively, should you need a book marketing company for the purpose? Well, if you are active (or hyperactive, to be frank), you can manage things on your own with a channelised effort and execution. However, if you want to focus on your writing then you need to get these things done by any good and reputed and well-known book PR company. I would suggest BookBoys PR because they are the only registered company, a trusted group of guys and a very old player in the book market with a reputation. They can get you book reviews for your debut or your nth novel in a very easy, organic and trusted manner, with a strategic gap between book reviews.

I hope this article helps you in understanding what a book review can do. As an author, you need to be actively involved in book promotion which is a must if you want to stay in the writing industry for a long period of time.

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