English Literature Forum is the new initiative by Alok Mishra, a well-known philanthropist in the field of literature. He has taken this step with a vision to provide a platform for free and open discussion, via the web, to the students, scholars, teachers and enthusiasts of English literature. Yes, there are platforms for such kind of discussions already; however, ELF is something which wants the participants to engage rather than just being the mute witnesses of something great going on – it’s more an active platform than being a passive one.

Not only the classic questions like ‘what is literature‘ is answered on this platform but also the modern and the difficult ones like why literary theories have died or what we actually mean by deconstructing the older constructions. This is certainly going to be a very popular platform in the near future.

On English Literature Forum, a user has to register first. Once registered and the account activated, the user will get the status of a certified contributor and he or she can write comments, ask questions, answer questions and also thank the users who have offered satisfactory answers to different questions. By now, the platform has gathered the interest of many users and people are talking already. The discussions are going on and new users are also lurking for the sign-ups and memberships.

The best thing about English Literature Forum is that it does not allow any user to be a member unless the person is not related to literature in any way. There are questions waiting for you just at the sign-up gate and I am sure that robots or spammers can seldom answer these questions related to Literature. Moreover, the platform works very well on both the mediums – mobile as well as PC and laptops.

Not only the students of literature but those who are preparing for competitive examinations like UGC NET in English Literature or various state level examinations (in India) will get a lot of things which will help them with their studies and preparations. The discussions in a wider format are always helpful rather than being confined into a one-way communication inside the classroom or any other place.

So, if you are also an English literature student or someone who enjoys being among the enthusiasts of literature and discuss various topics, do sign-up for the membership of the literature forum and start sharing your thoughts and opinions. Founder of the platform, Alok Mishra, is also active on the website and he regularly looks to answer the questions raised by the members. So friends, if you are looking for a healthy discussion on literature and unable to find a better platform, you are always lucky with this website. Go ahead and sign yourself up and start sharing and learning and expanding intellectually! All the best!

Here is the link to the forum – Literature Forum


by Sujit for Books to Read

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