Hello friends, it’s been long since we last updated our website and posted content. Our team has been busy and we could not put our efforts in this direction. While we sincerely ask for your excuse, we are here to make things happening again and we will be posting book reviews regularly on Books To Read platform once again. Along with book reviews, we will also bring many other content types to our platform and you will surely enjoy those. It’s January already and we will bring our ideas into execution and you will see regular posts on our platform now. Are you ready?

Many things changed on the horizon of Indian English literature during these months. We have more and more romantic authors who are producing regular literary works with very little sense of literary awareness in their works. Though this is purely for the readers who engage with such productions, serious writing is a thing of pas already, sadly. We have very few or none authors who indulge in the production of literary fiction. If there are a few, they are already frustrated because their works only get the attention of critics and award organisations but seldom reach into the hands of the readers who could read their book. Therefore, we have decided to bring out such authors and their works to the audience of our platform so that they can decipher literary fiction and choose what they can read along with the usual romantic and thrilling experiences they have with other titles.

We will also bring short introductions on authors or any special features associated with certain authors from India as well as abroad. This is a feature that many of our regular readers have requested and we are ready to work in this direction now. You will see these articles uploaded regularly on our platform. Moreover, as time moves, we will also feature regularly updated lists of works that you can enjoy on particular occasions – for example, books to read when you are enjoying your vacations or you are travelling.

Further, we will also be running regular web reviews and find out the best links that you can enjoy on the internet. These links will feature literary stuff, literary videos, book videos and book reviews and also any and many things related to our business – writing and reading. This section will be updated monthly so that you can enjoy regular updates. With so many updates, many book reviews and author features on Indian Authors and others, literary scanning of the world wide web and so on, Books to Read team is sure that our readers will enjoy our website more than they used to enjoy it before. With hopes and heads rolling to work, we sign off here. Take care and enjoy your time reading good books!

Before we leave: If you are a student of literature, you should be happy already. We have brought to you a platform where you can enjoy literary conversations of a very standard level. You can participate by registering yourself and you can enjoy the discussion forum’s all features. English literature forum is the only online literature forum on the internet where you can discuss anything and everything related to English and literature in other languages as well. NOTE: Link is highlighted in bold letters.

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