I am not a share market freak! However, who does not want to earn some money? When we hear business books, the first thing that comes to mind is books about making money in the stock market. However, this notion is flawed and eerie. Business is not only about making money. It is equally about building something from the scratch, earning trust, making decisions and taking wise steps that lead to evolution and development. So, when we hear about business books, we should think beyond money. Young people want to start their own ventures. Grown-ups, in their 40s and early 50s, want to build a corpus of funds for their retirement years. Students, graduates and just-out-of-university adults want to excel at their jobs and eventually begin something on their own. And, luckily, for everyone, there is a book to help… in fact, there are many books to help. Below is a list of books that will help people with varied expectations.

  1. Before You Start Up by Pankaj Goyal: This is a book for those who want to dream big, achieve it and establish themselves as leaders. However, it does take something to do all these. What? Why? How? When? There are many questions that this book answers. The author is honest enough to acknowledge that he is not a famous celebrity or successful entrepreneur himself. In a world where everybody is busy bulking the CVs, Pankaj Goyal has been honest with his readers. And so will the book! Get a copy of this book from Amazon India right now – click here to get a copy
  2. Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership by Radhakrishnan Pillai & D Sivanandhan: This book is for those who want to see themselves in the leading roles (in near future). And therefore, current employees, current CEOs, team leaders or anyone who manages a team at his or her workplace can take advantage of this wonderful book that many have read and appreciated already. This book offers glimpses of the vast canvas that Chanakya painted with his thoughts, wisdom and vision. Recommended. Get a copy – click here to get it now from Amazon India
  3. How Leaders Decide by Harjeet Khanduja: Harjeet’s book is for those who want to understand the process of corporate or organisational decision-making. Also, this is an ideal book for those who are already serving in leading positions but want to work on their decision-making styles. The book analyses various models for decision-making and brings forth the pros and cons of each. The book also employs very recent examples and relevant case studies so that the readers can connect with the narrative rather conveniently and quickly. I enjoyed reading this book. Recommended. Get a copy now – click here to go to the Amazon book page
  4. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It by Chris Voss & others: This is a different book, you could already have gauged by the title. However, let me ensure you that you will find this book very helpful as it deals with a soft skill that works hardcore in business deals. Negotiation. Written by a former FBI negotiator, the book deals with many things that come in handy for those who are in leading positions in the organisations of the day. Interesting and very helpful read! Get a copy from Amazon India right now and enrich your reading desk – click here to get a copy now
  5. A Business Miscellany by The Economist: This is like a mini encyclopedia for those who are interested in the world of business. The editors have compiled many pieces of information related to business worldwide and the book will work like charm. I enjoyed reading it and also was shocked to know many truths I never imagined! It is like a fun-packed knowledge dose you must have! Get a copy if you are lucky today – try your luck on Amazon India now 


Thanks for the time you invested in reading this list of business books. I hope you have got something out of it. All the best for your future plans.

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