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Join the forum for Literature – details

September 14, 2018 • By

English Literature Forum is the new initiative by Alok Mishra, a well-known philanthropist in the field of literature. He has taken this step with a vision to provide a platform for free and open discussion, via the web, to the students, scholars, teachers and enthusiasts of English literature. Yes, there are platforms for such kind of discussions already; however, ELF is something which wants the participants to engage rather than just being the mute witnesses of something great going on – it’s more an active platform than being a passive one.READ MORE


Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory

November 19, 2017 • By

Dictionary of Literary Terms & Literary Theory (Penguin) is a book which most of the students studying literature have in their self-funded library. A voluminous book, this is indeed a companion for the novice as well of the pros and experts as well. First published in 1977, the book, since then, has been published several times and came to Penguin in 1992. Highly popular, the book is widely used as a versatile reference by literature students and professors alike. As a guidebook and reference book, Dictionary of Literary Terms & Literary Theory covers almost all the possible ramifications and areas a literature student might be interested – technical terms, critical terms, literary and critical movements, various schools of literary theories, and also the genres. More than that, the book also covers widely used words in ‘literature’ which cannot be classified. A handy and useful book by all means.READ MORE


Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

August 11, 2017 • By

Dear readers, this review is especially for the readers who want to speak fluent English but cannot do it for various reasons! Today, I am going to review a very popular and international bestseller book – Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. This is a book which has changed the language learning level of millions of students and professionals and I am sure this book will be helpful for all of you out there who feel their word power is not that powerful which might allow speaking continuously and fluently! Word Power Made Easy is listed as the best seller on top online retailers.

Why get this book? 

How many methods have you tried to enhance your word power? How many dictionaries you have bought and how many of them you keep with you through the day? How many mobile applications you have tried to help yourself out with English speaking? And the most important question is, how many of them have worked? If the answer is still not so encouraging, you are the right candidate for this book. Norman Lewis is a world famous grammarian, author and lexicographer. His books continue to be the best-selling books on vocabulary building and language learning. This particular title, Word Power Made Easy is a book which has decorated the lexicon of millions of readers worldwide.READ MORE