Who doesn’t read Shakespeare? When it comes to him, there is no question like ‘to be or not to be’. There is always one solid answer only – yes, that’s like it! Today, on the first day of this month, we have brought to you the best dramas by Shakespeare (according to our judgment) that you MUST read if you want to explore the real side of Shakespearean writing bit by bit and reach the layer where you can proudly say – yes, I know HIM! Here goes the list by BooksToRead:

King Lear: Loverboys and cute ladies must be expecting to see Rome & Juliet right here at the top! Aw! What to do? We pick a little differently so that we look decent – :). King Lear is a play which has often been criticized by the critics because Shakespeare tried to make it look over-dramatic or melodramatic or, in simple terms, the protagonist in the play is made to suffer because he is so passionate and cannot take his decisions sanely. King Lear is a play which will make you feel the agony of one’s deeds and also make you feel pity towards the character named Cordelia who suffers just because she tries acting sane and just. If you read this play, you will not only know the dramatic superiority of the Genius Shakespeare was but also the legend of Lear which was long-forgotten. Make sure you give it a read.

As You Like It: One of the best romantic-comedies written by Shakespeare, As You Like It is the play which makes lovers faint and criminals sane. The drama was also seen by the critics, for many years, like one of Shakespeare’s contribution to the green literature or ecocritical literature. In this play, there are many references which make the readers and the audience feel that life with greenery is way better than life in palaces in luxuries. Rosalind and Oliver fall in love and Rosalind, who disguises herself as a man, examines the love of Orlando in many ways only to find him truthful and honest. Along the play, you will have the opportunities to witness various facets of life and love. This is a very good one to start if you have just begun loving Shakespeare.

Othello: What happens when doubt is fused in marriage? The house breaks and love vanishes. The same happens in this play when the embodiment of doubt and deceit, Iago, uses his magical evil on the noble moor called Othello. Othello, an African negro, wins the heart of Desdemona, a tender, delicate lady who is loved (rather one-sided) by a street loiterer in Venice. Othello reciprocates and they elope to make marry. However, Iago has other ideas in his thatch and he creates doubts in the heart of Othello who begins envying his wife… then the tragedy takes place and it makes the audience break into tears. Readers can also have the same experience if they understand enough of Shakespeare. Do read this play to make sure you follow the tragic episodes and understand the catharsis flow.

Edward II: Heard about hired guns? You must have seen the experts, pros and trained assassins doing the murders very efficiently and cleanly. Lightbourne was one of them in those early days of political assassinations hired to murder the (perhaps gay) king Edward the second. Gaveston and Edward are very close and perhaps (people believe they were actually homosexually indulged) in love. Political anarchy takes place and Queen is forced to do what is necessary. Shakespeare artistry has made it even more dramatic and it will make a perfect read for those who want to read intriguing plays.

So, folks, this was our list for the day and hope you will like it. Happy reading hours!

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