It is a matter of bygone days when emerging authors used to wait for the calls from traditional publishers to know about their very kind favours in order to consider their manuscripts for a slight discussion. Those days, traditional publication houses had all the fund and the authors, especially new ones, did not have much in their hands and they had to wait eternally for the discussions, calls, and then final selection which seemed rather many years of wait. However, the scenario has changed today. Emerging novelists, rising poets and nonfiction authors with potential have many options in terms of publishing their manuscripts that they can think about. With the vertical upward rise of self-publishing companies in the world and the author’s love for this idea, many new authors could see the dream of being published come true!

Self-publishing has been on the rise lately. It could all happen because of the lack of empathy in the traditional publishers and their double-dealing in terms of integrity. It has come to the public awareness that the traditional publishing houses, even the bigger names, look for the authors with potential and lure them to opt for their self-publishing options that may make their publishing rather quicker and, at the same time, fill the pockets of the publishers even before the publication and sales of the new book! Isn’t that a good idea? However, in terms of completely being a self-publishing company, the new companies and also a few established self-publishing houses, the options are not many. They have to publish the works of their clients and that’s it. However, the rising number of publishing houses offering custom, print-on-demand and many other self-publishing choices, the ideal publisher selection for new authors has become a task that is difficult, time-consuming and also hectic. How can new authors find the best publishing house for their self-publishing needs?

Let’s say an author has to find for himself a very good company offering good services in the domain of self-publishing in India. What should be the ideal qualities that the author should look for in this company of his choice? How can the debut book experience become very positive, wonderful and inspiring so that the journey just started does not come to an unfortunate and unexpected halt? There are very simple things that an author should take care of when finding and choosing the best company for your self-publication requirements:

An ideal publisher has concerns for your manuscript more than your budget

A good self-publishing company will talk more about your writing and audience than your pocket

A good company providing self-publishing services will deal with the publishing first and then only talk about promotion or marketing your book

The ideal self-publishing company will be proactive and also post-active after your publication is over

If a company offers you the Amazon dashboard for your Kindle publication, just go for it because they are being more than just transparent


So, with a few facts like these, you can find out which one you should go for. You can also try the services of Ashvamegh Publication which has emerged as the best option for rising self-published authors as this company offers you everything in terms of transparency and budget customisations and also access to direct Amazon dashboard for your Kindle publication that no other company does.

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