IAS Exam is considered to be one of the toughest or rather the toughest competitive exam in the world, let alone India. Aspirants who are preparing to become the top-ranked officers in India have to do the best and there is no space for good or better. In their preparations, books and notes and guidance play very important roles. And not to forget, books become a little taller when every supporting material are kept together. So, today I will be discussing a book for International Relations – a subject which is very important for the UPSC aspirants because it judges their comprehension and awareness in the terms of India’s international policies and approach – bilaterally and otherwise.

Though International Relation is most important for the GS part of the UPSC syllabus, you cannot deny the importance of a stronghold over the subject while facing the tough questions in the mains examination. So, the bigger question arises that how to go about this? How to manage this vast subject? How to prepare oneself to score good marks in International Relations? And, most importantly, what books and magazines and newspapers one should be looking at?

While I was preparing for UPSC, two years ago, before getting a job as a lecturer, my approach was straightforward. What did I do? I managed to read a standard newspaper every day, keeping a constant watch on various websites which offer news related to India’s foreign policies, reading op-ed articles at times, and having a good book which offered me the basic ideas and theoretical part related to international relations and its various tenets.

  • Reading newspaper regularly and carefully reading the news related to India’s foreign policies
  • Regularly checking the news portals and setting updates for MEA related news articles
  • Checking the MEA website daily for press-releases
  • Having a good book which clarifies the basic concepts in a simple language but effectively

Now, you can read the newspaper of your choice and visit the websites of your choice and convenience for news articles. As far as the book is concerned, I have found one very convenient, sticking to the core and updated book – International Relations by Amit Sinha and published by Kitab Mahal. This book will make a student understand the core concepts of International Relations very comfortably and the commentary and analysis on recent Indian approach towards its close neighbours and various other countries will also be very helpful for the aspirants.

You can get this book by Amit Sinha from Amazon India on the link below:

Buy International Relations by Amit Sinha – click here

All the best for your preparations!

by Randeep S, for BooksToRead

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  • Khushboo Singh
    July 13, 2018 5:26 pm

    Very good book! I bought International Relations by Amit Sinha after reading your post and then only I am posting this comment three days later. The book is really good. It answers the basic questions very impressively. All other tips are also very good.

    • Many thanks for your comment, Khushboo! We appreciate your interest in our article. All the best!

  • Very helpful post! I have purchased the book as instructed by you sir. I will surely let you know how the book is based on my reading experience. Many thanks for accepting my request to write something on this topic.


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