Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is one of the most-liked books by children as well as adults and this is irrespective of the time. Most of the English graduates must have studied a bit of this piece during their academic years and many more of us during our leisurely reading hours. The thing which in common lies among all these reads is the pleasure of reading as well as a satisfaction of reading something worthy to be read. Jonathan Swift was not known for his fiction skills but in Gulliver’s Travels, he had done everything he could and the result became immortal!

The novel (many of us believe it to be) was originally published in 1726, very early days for the novels. Swift’s intentions behind writing this piece are well-known to the world but who cares for the book other than the Lilliput chapter? Yes, Gulliver’s Travels, to most of the readers in the world is a book which documents the journey of Gulliver into Lilliput and if they are aware a bit more, to Brobdingnag. Children enjoy reading about a guy in the middle of the people who are merely a little-finger’s height.

That is why the book has become a timeless classic for the children literature genre and only the voyage to the Land of the Houyhnhnms has been left to be dealt by the champions of intellect. This is only irony and nothing else that a satire on the very class of people is liked by that very class of the people! Jonathan Swift was the master of satirical writings and we have witnessed some of his talents in The Battle of the Books.

Well, let’s settle this time with Gulliver’s Travels to the land of Lilliput and let your kids enjoy the writing themselves. There are also movies which focus on the first part of the book which kids can enjoy fairly. Happy reading guys!

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