Jestus is uncertain; Jestus is unconventional; Jestus is the morality monarch; Jestus is highly immoral; Jestus is humorous; Jestus is dry; Jestus is a scholar; Jestus is a fool… V S Sury’s character, as well as his debut novel, Jestus is a highly contagious abstract that keeps the readers at an edge, most of the times. The attitude in this unearthed person is very high and so is his level of mental abilities. The novel, in simple understanding, is a novel that’s based on humour, sarcasm and an otherwise philosophy of life. It is for the readers who take interest in things which are not so easily accessible in other mainstream novels – irregular experiments with the plot and narrative.

This is not a very long novel. As a casual reader, you will spend about 3 days in finishing this one. However, for the readers who regularly read novels, it will take only about 1 complete day. There is no certain pattern, other than one, that this novel follows. It is a tale of Jestus being told by someone who has imagined such a personality. Wisdom oozes out of Jestus every now and then. He interests in cosmic knowledge and shares it with his acquaintances. He enjoys understanding and learning different languages. He enjoys teaching. He also deeply takes pleasure in putting the people around him in a fix – most of the times.

The author hasn’t done anything to the level of perfection in his debut work. However, if we analyse it carefully, nothing was meant to be maintaining a level of perfection in Jestus. Loose narrative and loose handling of a loose plot which is free to revolve and sway as per the whimsical attitude of the character were the perfect things to happen to this novel; do you see it that way? Jestus, philosophically speaking, is a reflection of the fragments that we have become. Yes, I see it that way. And so is the case with the language used to narrate this novel – simple, grounded and casual conversation toned most of the times.

So, who are the ideal readers of Jestus? I will suggest this one, because of its overwhelming effect, for those who can take nonsense in a casual and humorous way (as intended by the author). Also, the readers who are at home in seeing through the loopholes and managing to decrypt the messages between the lines will certainly enjoy the novel. Jestus will be fun if you read it casually and enjoy each of the pages as you read. However, it will be many other things if you read it and then collect the fragments to create a whole… this will go beyond words!

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review by Sanjit for BooksToRead

Jestus by V S Sury
  • BTR Finale


Humorous, modern and yet, effective… a good read for the lovers of experimental fiction. 

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