Reading quotes is often one of the favourite pass times of many people. It is like knowing something about the authors of those quotes – knowing about their opinions on many opinions – knowing people by the words. And for the lovers of quotations, there are many books available in the market. However, not all of these books can be your companion; you have to wisely pick the best ones so that you can learn and at the same time, you can pick some of the finest to remember. So, have you picked your favourite book of quotes yet? If not, BooksToRead will suggest you one today. We are discussing The Penguin Dictionary of Quotations compiled by J M Cohen and M J Cohen.

This 664-page book, with the index pages included, is a book that we all lovers of reading quotations must have on our book-racks. However, before you put your faith in it, let me tell you a few of the many things that make this book amazing.

Quotes arranged by author:
In this book, all the quotes are arranged in terms of their respective authors. Under the name of authors, you will see all their famous, meaningful or weird quotes mentioned. This way, one can easily find all the selected quotes by the editors of their favourite authors. For example, it would be so much easy to find everything quotable that Oscar Wilde said.

Selection has been made wisely:
Generally, in any book having many quotes, there are many random ones – out of which, some make sense and some test our common sense. However, here, Cohen and Cohen have been very selective, wise and also reluctant. Most of their decisions will make you only happier. However, at times, you might miss some and you might be unhappy with others. The chances of a reader being angry, unhappy or simply surprised might be very few.

Due given dully:
Yes, the editors of this book have been very balanced. They have given the space according to the height of the authors, poets, philosophers and scholars. I did not have any complaints with the length of the book dedicated to the authors. However, at times, you might feel like cheated. For example, Keats has been given lengths and Kafka has been left disappointed.

Quality of the index:
The index has been quite impressive. It contains information that makes the look-up very easy and interesting. I am also impressed by the way in which the editors have decided to keep the length of the index actual and did not bridge it drastically.

So, dear readers, I am sure that you all might have liked the qualities of this book – The Penguin Dictionary of Quotations. You can try this book in the library near you before you actually buy and own one. If you decide to buy this, you can get it from Amazon India:

Buy the book – click here

review by Shishupal for BooksToRead

The Penguin Dictionary of Quotations
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An ideal book for the lovers of quotable lines…

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