Exam Warriors is a book written by Narendra Modi which ponders on the examinations, their position, their side effects in the students and possible chances of redemption from the stress that exams bring in the life of young as well as grown-ups. Though there are very few new thing which you will find in the book, still, the book is very interesting as it takes you to a different kind of trip into the heart of yourself. It does not teach you; it guides you with the help of visuals and funny exercises in the book. There are 25 chapters and it goes on from the art of focusing to the elements of Yoga which can help you de-stress yourself during the days of Board exams or any other exams.

How many of you have already read this book? I see the hands rise in enthusiasm! This is a very pleasant book which, actually, works as a companion – not as a bulk of pages teaching you what to do what not to do during the examination days. You will find a bunny who will take you through the experience of this book.

Exam Warriors is a visual book – a lot of images in various colours are there – and it is a friendly book which not only students but also the teacher or the guardians of the children can read and learn. Modi’s focus has been, in this book, on motivating children not to worry when exams come. He has told them to rather remain burden-free and focus on learning rather than memorising things just for the examination at hand.

On a serious note, the work raises several questions on the current education system which has become exam-focused or job-centric. It is the undeniable truth of the modern society that students are prepared – not developed! Exam Warriors, as a book, is a welcoming step in this direction and we need more people to come forward and make more appeals like this.

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Review by a BTR member

Exam Warriors - book review
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A book which every reader who has to face exams or every parent who has to worry about the kids’ exams must read!

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