In this contemporary period of writings, we are witnessing only two types of books that are becoming best-sellers. First, romantic novels that provide only entertainment and nothing else and second is motivational books that provide a lot of ideas about the way of living. It is because of the choice of readers. Life has become busy and no has the time to read serious fiction. That’s why they pick up an ordinary novel that can be read in one reading. Or they rather pick something non-fictional that has the potential enough to be spent a few hours of one’s life with that book. Moreover, due to this lifestyle, they often find themselves in troubles or depression kind of situation. And there only the works like You Can Win by Shiv Khera come into play. The readers need motivation and this kind of book is meeting the demand of readers. So. today I am with a best seller book named “You Can Win” by an Indian author Shiv Khera. His approach to writing is a little different.

About the Book:
You can win by Shiv Khera is a pretty interesting book that excites the hidden potential of a person. His approach, examples and writing are clear and quite easy to understand by a common reader. He has not given any psychological theory or loads of philosophical ideas to construct his thoughts. Like other authors, he has not tried these ways and rather tries to keep it simple and straight. He has given some stories and examples from our daily life and tries to inject the feeling of positiveness by these essentials. He connected the stories with the normal life of readers that keeps the readers engaged.
Moreover, you can say it as a treatise on what to do and what not? The language is pretty simple also that allows a reader to go deeper into ideas flowing from the book and grasp it at its best. The book is not intended to teach you those secrets that you don’t know. Instead, the author has tried to tell you what you often ignore. There are the methods to believe yourself and in your abilities and then only you can grow your self-confidence. By taking real-life examples he tells the stores and tries to create a hypothetical situation to covey his messages clearly.
However, there are the moments in this book that take the same, time-tested line. We have been knowing some of them already and reading them again, at times, makes the reading mundane.
You can see it as a manual to drive your life and reach the level of success. It creates the blueprint of your success and provides a practical guide to practise those things in your life. The best part of this book is that it tries to extract positivity from a negative tale as well.
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review by Sundar for BooksToRead Blog
You Can Win
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A time-tested book… evergreen and a must-read if you want to read something motivational a day!

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