Knowing a little or more than a little about the people we daily come into contact with is always helpful. We try different tactics for the same but sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t work. Men and women, however, have always been inquisitive to know more and more about the person they love or about people they are around them. This is a natural instinct and we are always looking for resources by which we can fulfil this wish. What about a book? Tanuj Lalchandani, an astrologer from Delhi, has come up with a book on Zodiac signs and personality – Treasure Trove of Zodiacs. This book has 176 pages only and it details the different layers of the personality of people belonging to different zodiac signs from the twelve.

The prediction and assumptions about the personality of people have different sections – the first feature details the general quality of all the people who have a particular zodiac sign and the second classifies different aspects of men of a particular zodiac sign and the second chapter does the same for women. Tanuj has answered all the queries that a man or a woman might have about their loved ones and closed ones. He has touched the personality based on general habits, general qualities, skills, career choices, love interests, sexual qualities, related to marriage and relationships and many other things.

The book Treasure Trove of Zodiacs will be useful for the people who are enthusiastic about the astrology and zodiac predictions as well as for those who are serious about it. It can very well work as a guidebook helping people understanding the world better. With the help of the book, a person can easily find out what are the qualities of his friend who is an Arian or a Taurus. It will certainly help adjusting the life according to that and working things out.

Tanun Lalchandani has been doing astrology and vastu and zodiac predictions for so long. His expertise in this field has made him a famous astrologer who has clients not only in India but abroad as well. You can also take advantage of his skills by reading the book which is also decorated very beautifully with the designs on random pages which look so wonderful. You will certainly love the book because not only the content but also the book is attractive in the terms of cover and page quality. Go for it! You can buy a copy for yourself from the Amazon link below:

Tanuj’s Treasure Trove of Zodiacs on Amazon India

Treasure Trove of Zodiacs - reviewed
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A must-have book for those who want to know more about people belonging to various zodiac signs…

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