Is there any book which offers something more than the Gita? My answer will be no, a straight no, in fact! Talking about the spiritual books, no one in the world could every get something better than the Gita to read and enjoy. Gita is an evergreen gospel of knowledge and fortress of truth which we must enter at least for once in our lifetime. However, today, it’s not about the Gita itself; this is something about a book on Gita – 19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita, a book written by Haribakth and Vaishanavi, the co-author. This book offers different dimensions of interpretations of the ‘aspects of Gita’. This book fully answers the question why one should be reading Gita and what one can get out of it.

19th Akshauhini Algorithm of the Gita

Let me tell you that the chapters of this book will not let you guess that these are the part of a spiritual book. There are very ambiguous chapter names. However, once you get and start reading the book, you will find many important observations made by author Haribakth. He has presented very innovative analogies and arguments to make his propositions about the Gita. He not only tries his best to tell that Gita is a forever treasure of knowledge, but succeeds doing so as well. He brings his logic in play and compares the qualities of Gita to modern-day things – computer, internet and algebra. He talks about the tools and techniques to understand the Gita. He gives you the variables of the Gita. He offers you the ‘algorithm’ of the Gita…

Along with these offerings, 19th Akshauhini also offers the unparallel chunk of ‘beyond’ things. Haribakth tells the readers about general concepts and misconceptions which often surround the Gita. He talks about the caste system. He talks about the identity of God. He also shares that Modi has gifted Gita to the heads of different states in spite of their political, racial and ideological difference because Gita is timeless; Gita is beyond all the regions and religions!

The second part of the book is interesting. You will find the beautiful drawings conveying important messages to the readers. This part is handled by Vaishnavi, the co-author who shares her designs and messages. Through the dialogues between a father and his daughter, the co-author has tried to clarify the wrong notions spread around the Gita. The pictorial part is universal as a reader does not require to have too much knowledge to apprehend it.

To conclude this review, I would like to tell the readers that 19th Akshauhini offers a great insight into the book Bhagwad Gita. A person who is keen to know Gita, should read this book for sure!

by – Ravi Kumar

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