Talks on the Gita is a book with the collected talks delivered by Vinoba Bhave on various aspects of the holy book, Srimad Bhagwad Gita. The book also has the same number of chapters just like the original book Gita – 18. In these different Chapters, you will get to read the thoughts of Vinoba Bhave on various ideas and aspects of Gita. These thoughts are, in a proper way, channelled to simplify the deeper meanings of the holy book which is often considered obscure by the common readers who are interested but cannot understand Gita in its entirety. Talks on the Gita will surely help such readers.

In every chapter of this amazing book, readers can easily understand the ‘marma’ or the essence of Gita. For example, on page number 7, you will find:

“But some imaginative people ask, “If sannyasa, the way of renunciation, is really always better than yuddha dharma, the way of conflict, why did Lord Krishna not make Arjuna a true sannyasi straightaway? Was this impossible for him?” Of course, there was nothing that he could not do. But, in that case, what would be the meaning and purpose of Arjuna’s life?”

And you will find many instances like the above which will help a common reader understand the importance of Gita as a book of life’s secret and a key to the freedom from illusions. As Vinoba Ji himself puts it in the very first chapter of Talks on the Gita:

“… the purpose of the Gita is to remove the illusion that stands between us and our svadharma.”

Every chapter that is in the original Gita has been explained in simple words and a lucid and straightforward way which won’t make it difficult even for the common readers with just basic skills in the English language.

The larger purpose of the book is to spread the words of Gita to the masses. To be mentioned that this purpose was largely served as well and continues to be served as well. Talks on the Gita has been enjoyed by many readers, experienced and rookies. If you did not yet have the chance to read this book, you can surely get a copy for yourself.

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Talks on the Gita - review
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A book that will simplify the Gita for everyone…

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