Uske Hisse Ka Pyar is a short story collection authored by a popular Gujarati author Ashish Dalal. Though already having a share of his name in the Hindi literature by writing for various magazines and newspapers, Ashish Dalal has made his debut with this collection in the field of formal writing. This is the very first book but you will seldom get that fee while reading Uske Hisse Ka Pyar. The book just transports you to a different world and all the short stories are so well written that it becomes difficult for the readers to read the book in patches… it might just take a person 3-4 hours or even lesser than that in finishing all the 17 short stories in one go!

In the terms of theme, Ashish Dalal has chosen this themes wisely. As the title itself suggests, the author has themed the collection this or that thing around the core emotion of love. While there can be different forms and different outlooks to it, the core is always there. You will find the short stories that describe the love between a boy and a girl; a husband and a wife; a father and his daughter; a mother and her son and so on. Ashish’s Hindi is so free-flowing that reading the stories make even better an experience. No doubt that his fiction is for the modern-day readers because it offers a wide range of day-to-day life themes and the readers will certainly find themselves involved in them.

Some of the stories explore the romantic moments of intimate love and some of the stories discover the new dimensions of love between people. From the story number one, you, as a reader, will be so literary-excited that you will certainly love to read the book until the end. There is no doubt about that! And that is why the book critics and top book bloggers in India have shown their agreement with the very first attempt by Ashish Dalal at an official level. His book is a composed contribution to the growing popularity of Hindi literature and if you are looking for some serious reading as well as helpful entertainment, you got to read this work by Ashish Dalal. You can get the Kindle version as well as the paperback copy of the book by visiting the Amazon India link below. I am sure that your purchase will give you the entertainment and reading pleasure until the last page…

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Uske Hisse Ka Pyar - Book Review
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Love reading Hindi literature? You have to read this book by Ashish Dalal!

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