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Accidentally, I began reading this book randomly and first picked up the poem entitled The Ideal Candidate and believe me, that was perfect entertainment in the form of poetry! Abhishek Goswami, the poet with his debut collection The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems, has penned many poems as humorous as this one and many ones very serious and packed with some quality poetry as well. Today, I will be writing about his debut poetry collection and will share my experience with the book The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems.

Top book critics in India and contemporary literary opinion makers like Alok Mishra have praised the book and stressed that it offers something for different kinds of readers at the same time. You can read this collection as some casual readers and simply enjoy the poems as well as you can construe the various aspects of the poems, 35 in number, and bring to the table your literary capabilities and find something for you in the poem as a critical and serious reader of poetry because the poet has left all the possibilities open with his works.

“Living in the moment gives some relief,
May not make my path easier.
Still gives me the strength to move,
As I finally overcome my mountainous fear.”

This is as it seems to be! Abhishek has kept his diction rather simple and straightforward. However, there is no compromise in the terms of tone and vigour in poetry – he is bold and clear! The lines above explain that his poetry communicates the meaning at the same time without offering any pains of the delayed decoding or a mental hustle bustle as most of the poets tend to do.

The Lonely Drummer and Others Poems offer the poems in various moods and meanings. Sometimes, you will feel that the poet is being pessimistic and sometimes you will see him full of energy and marching towards the betterment of himself and others. And this is what we expect from the poets – taking us on a journey to the wonderland of abstract ideas where we can try to locate ourselves. The poem Circles of Life sums up this idea…

The journey that Abhishek Goswami has started with his debut collection of poems will surely see him going a good distance. His poems are worthy to be praised and also reflect the contemporary dilemmas and curiosity in the mind of people.

“If the sun gets burnt, so it be,
Let the flame of asking the right questions burn
brighter in me.”

You can buy this poetry collection from Amazon India online store and enjoy reading the poems by Abhishek. Click the link below to get your copy right now!


Abhishek – The Lonely Drummer & other poems

review by Rajiv

The Lonely Drummer & Other Poems
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I liked this book! And I will certainly tell all my readers who love reading poems to get this book and have a read!

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