With You; Without You is a superb Hindi novel which has been written by an emerging novelist from Patna, Prabhat Ranjan. The novel has been written in a far more sophisticated language and a style which surpasses the modern-day trendsetters – rich in imagery and deep in meaning – With You; Without You is a novel to go for because it depicts love in the purest form as well as love in its silliest form – the confusion – the drama – the attraction – the traction and everything is there which the readers would like along with thrill and suspense which makes a read pleasant and read worthy. Have you still had a chance to read this novel by Prabhat Ranjan? If not yet, let me give you an insider storyline as well as my honest review of the book so that you can make your mind.

Revolving around the life of three kids and three growing teenagers and then three adult people, the novel takes us to Lucknow where it all began and then we are on a trip. What begins with friendship is confused for love and then Nishind, our central character as well as the narrator of the novel, gets confused about it and makes a mistake which separates him from his friends Rami and Aditya. This phase of life when we are actually falling in love with someone and unable to decipher whether it’s love or just an infatuation or a mere attraction has been wonderfully depicted by the first-time author Prabhat Ranjan. He has dived into the character of Nishind and offers us a great word-painting of the situations in his life.

The characters Rami and Aditya remain not only the characters of a fictional story but come to life and represent their lots. Rami’s character is created so powerfully in the terms of her vision and vigour. She is a girl who understands what her aim in the life is. She takes command whenever she is in any relationship. She wants to understand what the person she is living with can offer her. She understands what is the difference between merely physical need and the need for a true relationship in life and you will like her character so much!

The anecdotal and moral intervention by the author Prabhat Ranjan is something that the readers may like or not like in the plot and the storyline. Prabhat keeps telling us his views about the happenings in the novel and in that shroud, he sometimes takes a dig on the modern ways of life as well. You cannot be so sure what’s the motive and this is where the readers will have to user their interpretational skills!

Whether you agree with the author or not, you will surely love this novel because, in the terms of craft and storyline and theme, the novel is well-written and very well prepared. It offers the things which are necessary to make a novel pleasant and the best part is, which you rarely find these days, the novel ends happily with Rami united with her true love and the culprit being left alone! To find out who was the true culprit and who was the true lover, you need to read With You; Without You! Get your copy from the Amazon India link below:

With You; Without You on Amazon

With You; Without You - review
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A good read for the lovers of fiction! Those who read romance and some serious fiction, will have a treat for sure!

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