Book Name: American Maharajah
Author: Mark Stephen Levy
Publisher: White Falcon, India
Year: 2018
Pages: 204
Genre: Literary Fiction
Reviewed by: Rakesh, contributor to BooksToRead

American Maharajah is a novel by American novelist and a frequent travel enthusiast, Mark Stephen Levy. He has prepared this novel with a mixture of modern dilemmas and the ancient legends; as a reader, I can say that – based on my own understanding of the novel, for sure. To keep everything short and to tell my verdict to the readers, I will just say that the novel is a perfect piece of literature for the readers who often want to read something new and interesting. If you are one of them, you are going to find a young man looking for the truth of his birth and on the way, he finds a beautiful girl who loves someone else who had the same face as “Ravi” – Amar. The novel has a little of secret, a little more of suspense and even more of good writing and craft of the fiction. In short, you can go for it right now and enjoy your read instantly!

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After a long time of reading, I got to read a book like this. It is simple and interesting and at the same time, innovative as well. Mark has kept the things simple – he has narrated a story without interfering much with the narrative and inserting his own opinions as a perennial bystander throughout the text – as most of the modern authors do very often and Victorians used to do (never forget Thackeray). The novel continues with variations in the pace of the happenings – it happens to fast at the beginning and changes its pace downwards in the middle and the ending is again a little hectic. Major characters in the novel are Ravi, Aishani and some other characters like Suraj Pershad, Ravi’s parents and Sushil also play important roles. There are also some characters like Amar and Lakshmi (one is deceased) who are clues to the plot and the narrative; what do they do? You must find out for yourself because I don’t want to spoil the reading pleasure.

American Maharajah has been an easy read for me because the language of the novel is fairly simple. It makes the readers feel rather at an ease and they can finish the novel quite earlier than expected. The language has very wonderfully collaborated with the suspense build up and exposition in the novel and readers have a good fiction experience at the end.

So, ultimately, I will only say that if you are a fiction lover, this is a novel which is for you and you should not miss it. Reading about Indian characters from an author not from India is interesting and surprising at times too. Mark has done a job and it’s well done! American Maharajah is also a kind of combination of modern pursuits and classical problems…

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review by Rakesh

American Maharajah - review
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American Maharajah is a novel which will be perfectly suitable for the readers who want to read different genres and trends. This is a straightforward novel which uses the mythology and legend of Rajasthan’s village and moulds it into a very good fiction of the contemporary age.

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