Hello, readers! We are going to discuss a book which is about to release in the coming months. This is going to be the debut book by author Suraj Laxminarayanan, a crime thriller novelist as he calls himself. A very devoted fan of this genre, he has been mulling on his plot, story and theme for long and finally succeeded in getting his ideas translated into reality – Elephants in the Room is the title of the novel that’s going to be launched for the general audience very soon. Before the launch for the readers, the author has shared the early copies with many critics and reviewers for the initial impression and feedback.

A crime thriller it is, to start this discussion. However, it’s not like a conventional crime thriller which matches the traits of the classics as well as the contemporary novels. Rather, this is something different which displays the qualities of a crime thriller mixed with a suspense novel and sometimes a casual genre – an everyday fiction. Suraj Laxminarayanan has matched the footprints of time in his debut novel with the course of action and both have been perfectly synchronised so that the characters get enough space as well as time to complete their actions and the thoughts as well. Yes, the author has entered the heads and the hearts of the characters as well!

There will be a few twists and turns as well; there will be a slick language and there also will be a prolonged narrative in the novel. So, be ready for the bulk of the Victorian period and the thrill of a crime novel as well as the sentiments of the beginning. Some episodes will seem out of nowhere because the readers seldom expect something like this in a novel like this one.

The novel has been released now and you can get it from Amazon store online. Here is the link and you can click on the same to buy a copy of Elephants in the Room from Amazon India website. There are many readers who have reviewed the novel on Amazon and most of them are rating it positive…

get your copy – Click here (Amazon India)

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