Uske Hisse Ka Pyar is an upcoming book in Hindi by a popular short story writer from Gujarat – Ashish Dalal. Ashish’s debut book comes after a successful part-time story writing career during which he wrote for a host of newspapers and magazines which focus on Hindi literature. This book has been appreciated by the pre-release readers and beta-readers and also some of the established book critics in India who have been offered to read the book before going on for sale. It has encouraged author Ashish Dalal a lot and he is enthusiastic about his debut in the field of literature.

The short stories in the book are written wonderfully with proper selection of words (in Hindi) and the delicate choice of themes by the author has further made the stories very close to the readers. General selection of themes for the short stories has stopped at the most debated and talked issue of love and love here takes a broader perspective Ashish Dalal Writes:

कुछ कहानियों में अपने पहले प्यार को खोने की पीड़ा है तो दूसरी ओर प्यार में धोखा मिलने का दर्द है। पति पत्नी के अंतरंग जिंदगी से जुड़े प्रश्नों पर भी बखूबी विस्तार पूर्वक लिखा गया है इस पुस्तक में। प्यार मात्र प्रेमी प्रेमिका तक ही सीमित नहीं होता है और शादी कर लेने मात्र से ही पति पत्नी के बीच प्यार नहीं हो जाता । कुछ सम्बन्ध हम अपनी शर्तों के मुताबिक भी निभाते है। प्रेमी–प्रेमिका, पति–पत्नी के प्यार से होकर कुछ कहानियां में मां बेटे के रिश्ते में समाहित नजदीकी और फिर बनती दूरी का भी वर्णन है। शादी के बाद अपने बेटे का मां से दूर हो जाने से उसकी याद में तड़पती मां की विरह वेदना और अपने जवान बेटे की मौत पर अपने फर्ज और दुख के बीच उलझती मां की उलझन भी कहानियों का विषय रही है।”

Readers will find vivid colours of love in the book and they will get to read the love between different people in different perspectives. Ashish writes about physical intimacy; he writers about motherly love; he also writes about the love which has no name and many other feelings around love…

Readers are surely going to have a good time reading the book once the book gets released in the coming month – November 2017. Ashish Dalal feels that Uske Hisse Ka Pyar will not only entertain the readers but also make them aware of the relationships and different nuances of them. Moreover, this book also tries to offer possible solutions to the problems which often linger around the love stories and love in various forms. Readers can find all the issues being raised in the short stories once they read the book.

Once the book is available online, we will post the book review as well because posting now would spoil the reading pleasure readers can get from the book. Enjoy the time!

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