Who does not know about this book? You will seldom find a person who calls himself a reader of fiction and does not know about this great title in the history of English Literature ever! Animal Farm by George Orwell is a kind of book which happens only once in a century and in 20th, it had already happened. The animated satire which by all the means an alluring children’s book, mocks the situation of human – we are destined to make mistake and make the same mistake again and again… Have you read this book? If not, this is your day! I am going to review this book and ensure you buy a copy, which will not cost you more than 70-80 rupees (Indian or course).

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Animal Farm is a story of pigs, donkeys, horses, and some men too. Ironically enough, pigs are the guys who take the responsibility of revolution in an animal farm and force the managers of the farm to evacuate it. Days are good in the beginning and all the animals live happily. However, do we not know that revolutions often lead to evolution?

With full fledged comic scenes to serious writing, Animal Farm keeps the readers indulged and because it is a short fiction, even shorter than a novella, I am sure it will not take you more than a day to enjoy this supreme fiction. Forget what people say about this work; forget for a moment that Orwell wanted to write a satire on the political conditions in Russia and just enjoy this comic piece of fiction which will make you laugh, laugh and laugh loudly! If you want to enjoy a perfect weekend of relief after all the stress of the week, Animal Farm is the right piece that you would be in your bed with on Saturday!

Reading about the animals walking like a human on two legs and enjoying the glass of wine and playing cards with fellow humans will surely give you a pleasant shock… however, if you are a serious reader, you will surely understand the deeper concerns that George Orwell could have during the time of writing! Whatever be the case guys, just enjoy reading this piece of wonderful fiction which will make you laugh and think at the same time. Click on the link below and grab your copy from Amazon in no time!



Animal Farm by George Orwell
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A must read comic fiction with far more serious message…

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